Technology Marketing and Design




Charlie Thompson has 38 years of product definition, marketing research, and CMOS analog/digital circuit design experience.  Available as part-time or full-time consultant.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Business plan feasibility assessment
  • Technology assessment and marketing due diligence
  • U.S. Patent office - Patent searches, claims interpretation, section 35 US Code
  • Expert Witness Opinions - Patent Infringement/Defense
  • RF tuner circuits from 50MHz to 2.4 GHZ
  • Analog-to-Digital conversion (Delta-sigma)
  • Digital adaptive filters and coefficient generation
  • Fourier signal processing
  • Mixed-signal CMOS analog circuit design
  • Wafer foundry technology and methodology tool flow integration
  • Avionics navigation aids:  VOR, DME, NDB's, and transponders
  • GPS jamming susceptibility analysis
  • Antenna design and analysis - LF through UHF
  • Space communications systems:  path loss budget analysis
  • DAB satellite receiver applications:  XM and Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Vintage tube amplifier restoration and repair
  • FAA licensed Commercial instrument-rated pilot


Contact Info:

Charlie Thompson

512.923.7011 cell

512.295.5729 res

800 Elliott Ranch Road

Buda, TX 78610

Email: w5cdt at