Group Members

Charlie Freida - saxophone, group leader

Charlie Mitchell has accumulated a unique variety of musical experience over the years, based on a solid musical foundation.  He joined the local cover band Main Squeeze in 1974.  Later, Charlie was recruited to The Fabulous Putz Brothers, which evolved into Bahama Mama, and a brutal gig schedule of 285 dates in one year.  As time marches on, Charlie's musical resume' expands and includes: The Penfield Rotary Club Jazz Ensemble, Nik and The Nice Guys, Big Roots, The NFT Jazz Quartet, The Midtown Athletic Club Jazz Band, The Beaumonts and The Charlie Mitchell Group.
Some exceptional musical highlights along the way include performing locally in Kilbourne Hall and Eastman Theater; playing on the original Record Archive jingle recorded in 1981; with The Roots Explosions in Negril, Jamaica.; The 1987 Superbowl in San Diego, Ca.; House bands for syndicated series of The All New Bob Euker Sports Show and ESPN's Lighter Side of Sports; 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada; recording with Ronnie Spector at Electric Ladyland studio in New York City; Downtown Recorders in Boston, Ma.; and being on stage with Chuck Mangione, Bonnie Raitt, Toots and The Maytals and Chuck Berry.

Rick Crummins - piano

Rick studied classical piano for 9 years in his youth, but always felt a strong affinity for popular and jazz music.  Throughout his college years and thereafter, he performed on guitar, piano and vocals, mostly as a soloist.  He learned many of the standards accompanying his father, who loved to sing the music of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Mel Torme in the privacy of the family living room.  Rick studied jazz piano at the Eastman Community Music School for three years and the Charlie Mitchell Group is his first regular jazz group gig - but it's the best one yet!

Dave Goldstein - bass

avid has played the bass for 17 years in and around the Western NY region in a multitude of styles spanning from rock, reggae, ska, funk, and jazz.  In addition to being a member of the Charlie Mitchell Group, he has performed and recorded with Rochester Brass & Electric, Fringe City, The Beaumonts, J.O.D.  Additionally, he's worked as an on-call bassist for a number of original/cover acts and various recording projects at Blackdog and GFI studios, most recently with Rupert Greenall from The Fixx.

Barb Johnston - drums

Barbara Johnston has played drums in several Rochester bands, including 15 years with alternative rock band Peachy Nietszche.  She has contributed to musical ensembles with a variety of styles, including Cajun/Zydeco/Gypsy/ Klezmer (BaZaHa LaLa), free jazz with poetry (Little Ricky and the Visitors), pop (Bad Penny), and rock.  

Rick McRae - trombone

As a free-lance performer, Rick has played trombone professionally (and voluntarily) in a wide variety of styles over the past 35 years, including jazz, rock, chamber music, orchestral music,  blues, salsa, reggae, world-beat, klezmer, Americana, experimental, and performance art. He has recorded and/or performed with The Outer Circle Orchestra, They Might Be Giants,  Evening Pro Bluesica, Jazz Funeral in Connecticut, The Clients, Watkins and The Rapiers, Hypnotic Clambake, 12 Corners Klezmer Band, Drink Me, and Clamor,  and has participated in several projects devoted to the musics of Frank Zappa, John Zorn, and Sun Ra. He once played 2 concerts in New York City and Toronto on the same day, and has also played on a train from Venice to Florence, and neck-deep in a Maine lake. While playing, he always takes his shoes off.