Charlie our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Welcome to Charlies Website.  Charlie is a growing puppy.  We purchased him at 11 weeks old.  At 13 weeks he can sit, lay down, and let you shake his hand.
Charlie likes to go for walks, play with leaves and meet other people.  He is a very friendly dog.  Since he is a puppy he loves to chew on things.  We have given him many toys so he can chew on them. 

This is a picture of Charlie in his favorite bed.  He also like to chew on this bed. He makes lot of things into toys including paper towel rolls. 

Charlie was a Anniversary and Christmas present that was purchased from a pet store in Montousville, PA.  He will be loved for a long time.  He is originally from New York. 

Charlie is growing older ever day. See Charlie on Dogbook Facebook.  View Charlie on the daily puppyWhen Charlie needs a sitter he goes to Grumble Rock FarmHe really likes it there.  Here is some funny pictures.  Here is some more funny pictures

Here is a site that helped us teach Charlie some tricks.