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                   Charles books are entertaining, and captures many life lessons people can relate to. Dynamic author!

                                   Pay To Play (Sex, Money, Drama & Football)
                                                       "DRAMA, SCANDAL, ACTION, ROMANCE & COMEDY
                                                                              -This book series has it all" 

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Charles Z. Higgi's, "Pay To Play" is bigger than football. It's a sizzling intriguing story about life lessons, pursuing your dreams, true love, family and friendship. It is being proclaimed as one of the most relatable books of all times, "Truly Inspirational". It is packed with action, sex, drama, comedy, romance, suspense and scandal. An easy read with some jaw-dropping events that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and turning pages to find out what happens next.     
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Pay To Play is part of the Never Say Never Series that includes Parts 1, 2, and 3. 
Make sure to read the books in order .
                               Great Book Possible Movie in the Works!!!

   “Amen”  “I heard that”  “Speak the truth” “Tell me about it” “Preach”
The above quotes are some of the things people are saying after they read this dynamic book series. 
                                                                                                 Price: $2.99   (Less than the price of a smoothie)*:) happy
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Price: $3.99
*To purchase through Amazon Click: https://www.amazon.com/author/charleszhiggi 
 Book#2 is a continuation of the Best-Selling book “Pay To Play (Sex, Money, Drama & Football)”. It's full of action, drama, romance and comedy. "Bad habits are hard to break!” Sometimes we learn from our mistakes or so we hope we do. Can we really say “Never” and mean it? Can Coach Joe overcome his demons of chasing money and women? Can he be faithful to one woman and will he ever coach again? Will Coach Joe ever learn? Guess what happens next? You have to read Book #2
                                              PART III AVAILABLE NOW
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"Pay To Play (Part III - Sex, Money, Drama & Football)
The Final Quarter"
Price: $3.99
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In this jaw dropping conclusion we learn the final fate of Coach Joe in Book #3. Charles Z. Higgi's, "Pay To Play (Part III-Sex, Money, Drama & Football), The Final Quarter" is packed with sex, action, suspense, romance and drama.  A football Coach named Joe takes the reader on a journey and teaches us many lessons about life, true love and pursuing your dreams. Don't give up on your dreams or love-You never know what tomorrow might bring, is one of the main themes in this book, and echoed in "Pay to Play,  Books #1 and #2.
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