Redoing The Charleston: October 10-12, 2008

Bally at the Beach

BookCrossing Get Together

BookCrossing in Charleston

Redoing the Charleston: Bally at the Beach links: 

Midpoint between the 2008 Anniversary Convention which was in London and the 2009 Anniversary Convention in New Zealand, the Charleston BookCrossers would like to welcome any and all who wish to gather in, to an impromptu get-together here in South Carolina.   

Since there is no official or semi-official North American Convention this year, we're taking a page (ha!) from the UnConventions of the UK and are welcoming one and all to a state-side unconvention Charleston style:  Redoing the Charleston.

Join us  Columbus Day Weekend (Oct 10-12 though people are welcome before and after)  here in glorious Charleston South Carolina.  No formal daily agenda, but we have some ideas for activities, a party or two, plus a rematch Quiz night.  Y'all come on down!

Check these links to arrange your own housing within your own budget, find a list of attendees to see if someone wants to share a room, or maybe check out beach houses for folks to share out at the edge of America, Folly Beach.

As we know who is coming and where they plan to stay, we'll post more info for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not bring latex (rubber) balloons to this event. Mylar (the shiny metalic ones) are fine. There is a serious health issue for several of the attendees and we want to keep everyone safe and healthy. Thank you.

If you want to send anything (i.e. books or something for the Goodie Bags) please contact kiptrix via private message for shipping information.

To sign up for a Trivia team, or for more info on our Trivia/Quiz night, contact Rebekkila via private message.