BookCrossing in Charleston

Make the whole world a library

Welcome to the home of the Charleston, South Carolina BookCrossers. Check in here for local events and information

At our monthly gatherings (second Sunday of each month), we talk books, trade books (properly registered, of course!), discuss ideas about ways and places to release books, and just generally share our love of books and reading. We are not a book club, so there are NO reading assignments! We have several local Official BookCrossing Zones (OBCZ) here in Charleston, where books can usually be found. Be sure to stop by any one of them, and also keep your eyes open around town for books traveling in the wilds of Charleston. 

Our monthly meetups are usually posted @ in the Meetings and Conventions forum.

Local OBCZs are:

Want to contact us?
CharlestonBookCrossers At Gmail dot com