Membership Benefits

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Discover the many useful services and benefits of membership 

Becoming a member of the Charleston Area Beekeepers Association (CABA) enables you to network and meet a diverse group of beekeepers, collaborate, and learn something new. Attending meetings is an ideal way to connect with a mentor and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts who feel passionately about engaging in practices that support honeybees as well as the healthy, biodiverse environment they require to thrive.  In addition, members have exclusive access to participate in special workshop sessions conducted at the club's training apiary on Dixie Plantation, purchase bees at a discount, and much more!  

Review the many benefits of membership below and buzz over to join us at a meeting soon! 

Club Membership Benefits

Annual Membership (January through December)
 *1 Year Annual Membership in Charleston Area Beekeepers Association (CABA)
Dues = $35 (includes $10 SCBA annual membership fee)
 * 1 Year Annual Membership in South Carolina Beekeepers Association (SCBA)

Mentorship and Training Program
 *Mentors: Use our members-only Facebook site anytime to ask questions, post photos, or provide input; Mentors are available to help you get started, for example, when selecting equipment, installing your first bee package, or assembling your hive. (Some mentors may request a small fee.)

 *Training: Members receive an invitation to attend periodic members-only workshops and educational sessions instructed by experienced beekeepers as part of our ongoing training program. Many of these hands-on sessions are conducted at our training apiary on Dixie Plantation. Club membership meetings periodically utilize an open question/answer session for members to request help from a panel of experts.

Services, Discounts, and Opportunities
 *Access to use club tools such as honey extracting equipment, strainers, collection bucket and "Mighty Mite" at no charge
 *Access to use educational DVDs, books, and other items from the CABA library inventory at no charge
 *Access to receive email notification of bee swarms / rescue opportunities to collect free bees
 *Discount admission to attend State-sponsored educational conferences and activities
 *Discount price for live bees purchased through CABA bulk-order process
 *Eligibility to vote and serve on CABA Board as an Officer or Director 
 *Eligibility to lead a committee or serve as a mentor
 *Eligibility for special recognition awards, such as South Carolina's "Beekeeper of the Year"
 *Eligibility to participate in the State's Master Beekeeper Program and become a State Certified Beekeeper
 *Eligibility for Youth Education Grants
 *Opportunities to submit research proposals and participate in testing of new tools and practices
 *Opportunities to represent CABA and make presentations at schools, garden clubs or other groups
 *Participate in community/club-sponsored events; sell products at the Charleston Honey and Bee Expo
                                 .... and much more!