SC Beekeepers Association

Charleston Area Beekeepers Association supports our State organization, SCBA. SC and North Carolina State Beekeepers Association's members host a joint meeting every other year in March.

South Carolina Beekeepers Association (SCBA) bi-annual meetings 
For details about SCBA, to register for or review details of upcoming events, please navigate to the SCBA website: 

Find useful resources in the newsletter, learn about the State's Master Beekeeper Program, review a calendar of monthly tips for beekeepers, and more!

South Carolina Beekeepers Meeting

South Carolina Beekeepers Association Meeting/Conference

    South Carolina beekeepers meet twice a year-once in spring and in summer. Members of the association, hobby and commercial beekeepers, junior youth beekeepers, students, researchers, vendors, and members of the public are encouraged to attend and gather to share information, socialize and network.
    In addition to the general business meeting and an update on the status of beekeeping in SC, the program attendees learn about best practices and current research underway to support bees and beekeeping. There are opportunities to take beekeeping courses and exams, exchange tips, purchase equipment from a variety of vendors, and participate in social events. Contact us for more information. Review conference dates and links to details in our Calendar of Events.