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Charleston Area Beekeepers Association (CABA) 
Swarming honeybees are not usually dangerous unless provoked.
Some of our CABA members are skilled in the removal and rescue/relocation of honey bees and swarms. If you should find a swarm or wild colony of honey bees, please do not attack the bees. 
To quickly notify a group of people who are willing to assist with swarms or bee rescue, email the details to:    charlestonbees@gmail.com
Include the following information in your message for the quickest response:
  • Are they honeybees?
  • Location/house number and address of the swarm
  • Contact name and telephone number
  • Where the bees are located - how high from the ground, inside a wall of a home, etc.
  • When were the bees spotted/how long have they been there
  • Photos or other useful information you feel will help the beekeeper
* CABA Members: If you would like to be added to our swarm notification email list, contact charlestonbees@gmail.com
What is swarming?
Swarming occurs when a hive of bees outgrows the space available to raise young or store food. A swarm, or clump of bees, leaves the main hive to start a new one and can appear on a tree limb or almost anywhere. The bees clump tightly together surrounding the queen with their bodies to protect her while she is vulnerable away from the protection of a hive and they will not break away from the clump or pose any danger to you unless provoked or sprayed.  Please do not panic if you encounter bees who just need a larger home; remain calm and report the swarm so it can be rescued. Please observe the swarm carefully from a safe distance. Not all swarms, nests, or hives are honeybees. Sometimes other insects like yellow jackets are mistaken for honeybees. 
Honeybee swarms can be successfully relocated to begin a new hive and provide our community with invaluable pollination benefits, not to mention the great honey! Help save our bees!
Attached is a handy Release of Liability form you can download to use.

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