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Links and Resources

Find links to helpful resources and downloadable files for public relations, newsletters, beekeeping training information and other miscellaneous resources.


Beekeeping Research and Education

- Clemson University (SC) Apiculture/Beekeeping | website | IPM | PDF on hive beetl 

- Center for Honeybee Research (CHBR) | website
- Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) Foundation for Honey Bee Research | website | newsletter
- International Bee Research Association | website | honeybees | what's happening to bees?
- USDA | Spread of Africanized Honeybees Map website | How to submit samples pdf
- | website
- Native Plants for Bee Forage & Gardening | NC extension pdf | plant chart pdf | SC plants for bees pdf
- - Beekeeping through a Biologist's Eyes, Randy Oliver
- USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) - How Farmers & Gardeners Can Help Pollinators
- Beekeeping Guide for All Ages | ArticleMyriad website
- Live Monarch Foundation - save pollinators and encourage planting of wildflower seeds for pollinators

- City of Charleston Sustainability Projects | website

- | view a Google map of hive locations around the world - add your own (Free)  

Local Organizations Supporting Bees/Beekeeping

Charleston Community Bee Gardens (CCBG)
- A place for Beekeepers with no place to keep Bees | Facebook

The Bee Cause
- Help put Honeybee Observation Hives in 1000 Schools | website

The Green Heart Project
- Community volunteer organization that integrates school farms as outdoor classrooms teaching students the virtues of hard work, respect and success while connecting to fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce | website

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Urban Farm
- A living classroom to explore the connection between food and health | website

Homegrown: John's Island Sustainable Farmers Market - 10a-2p on Saturdays
- Your connection to locally sourced, high quality, low-processed, nutritional fresh foods from safe farming practices | website 

- Sweetgrass Garden | Facebook

Dixie Plantation - College of Charleston
- Certified South Carolina Grown | website

South Carolina Beekeeping Associations
- South Carolina Beekeepers Association (SCBA) | website | newsletter | vendors | masterbeekeeper pgm 

- Contact information/website list for Local Associations in South Carolina | local associations page

Beekeeper Resources
- SC Flowering Nectar Sources for Bees | SC: A  B 
- SC Pollinator Habitat Guide | pdf
- USDA - Using Farm Bill Programs and incentives for planting to aid pollinators | pdf
- Wateree's beekeeping flash-cards
- National Honey Board | website
- How to legally label and sell honey in SC; exemption form/label requirements | pdf | rules
- Bee equipment list | pdf
- Seasonal tasks | pdf
- Certification exam study guide | pdf
- Bee installation and bee splits | video links
- Training Hive frame descriptions | pdf

Honey Sales
- How to legally sell honey in SC/labels/exemption form | pdf

Vendors & Supplies

- Bee Well Honey

- Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

- Busy Bee Apiaries

Dixie Bee Supply2672 Pageland Hwy. Lancaster, SC 29720 | 803-577-7871 | 
- - #6 fine mesh screen (beetle traps)

- Holy Bee Press - products, services, beekeeping blog/advice | Masterbeekeeper Debra Roberts

Hand-outs and Admin forms

- Save Our Bees Fund | flyer

- Release of Liability for bee rescue or removal | form

- Constitution & By-Laws | SCBA | CABA

- Meeting Hospitality:  13-Dec-2014 Holiday Luncheon Sign-Up | 2014 Monthly Meeting Sign-Up

- member shirt info | order form