Food web and food chain


 The Sahara desert food chain begins with the plants. In spite of the extreme heat and less rainfall there are many plants and animals that live here. The plants are called producers as they do photosynthesis and thus prepare food . There are many kinds of plants in the desert. They are the date palms,  Cacti, thorn acacia, creosote bush, sage brush, desert milkweed, desert willow, desert tobacco and many annuals. In the Sahara desert food chain the next level are the herbivores which eat only plants. The plants are eaten by  primary consumers called herbivores. These are small mammals like kangaroo rat , ground squirrels, certain insects, mounflou, Dorcus gazelle, and Arabian camels. These are lizards,snakes like rattle snake, side winders; some mammals like mongoose, arachnids like tarantula and scorpions. The Sahara desert food chain also includes large predators like striped hyena, sand cat, fox , hawks and eagles.Some animals eat both plants and animals. These are called omnivores. Some are called scavengers as they feed on dead animals. Finally there are decomposers like desert mushrooms and bacteria and worms which decompose the dead animals and their excreta and return minerals to the soil so plants can grow.