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I currently own two qins, one of which I bought in the autumn of 2002 and recieved in February 2003. It is from the North American Guqin Association.

I have a new qin from Professor Zeng Chengwei which was named and inscribed by the Prof himself as "Quan Yin."

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Ming Yu
This qin is a mid-level qin, possibly made by the Longfeng factory. Bought for around £850 in 2002/3.
The bridge had been lowered by Zeng Chengwei and myself as he said it was too high. Did some lacquer repairs to the qin.
It is permanently strung with silk as it sounds better with them than with metal-nylon.
Quan Yin
My better qin bought from Zeng Chengwei for £1,360 ($2,700 USD) in 2008. He named and inscribed it. IMHO, it is not as good as some of the other qins I have tried made by him. There is some resistance beyond the 4th hui. Maybe I need to play it more to bring the sound out, who knows.
It is strung with the nylon strings.