Charles Rupert Wing-Yue Tsua, Esq.
BA(Hons)(Wolv.), FGMS, FBS
This is my archive site. Because Geocities killed itself off in October 2009, I moved everything to the safety of Google sites which is free. There are limitations here but beggers can't be choosers I guess.
Most of my artwork is on here as well as bits and bobs.
Last update: 26th Jan 2014
1994 - 1999
Small Heath Secondary School
1999 - 2001
Sutton Coldfield College of Further Education
2001 - 2004
University of Wolverhampton

BA(Hons) Philosophy
1999 - 2005
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College

Society and Club memberships
Since 2003
London Youlan Qin Society
Full member. Ordinary Member of the Committee (since 2011)
Since 2006
Burgon Society
Fellow (FBS) 2011
Since 2007
Guild of Musicians and Singers

Fellow (FGMS)
2007 - 2012
2007 - 2011
Xi Kang Qin Society (disbanded)

Founder Fellow and Registrar (FXKQS)
2008 - 2010
Academy of Saint Cecilia

Fellow (FASC)
Since 2009
New Sheridan Club

Country Member
2011 - 2012