The Résumé of a “Commercial Specialist”

For more than three decades as a director of leading companies, I gained extensive professional expertise and hands-on experience. Invaluable when, as one of the four founding directors at European Metal Recycling with responsibility for 90% of the operations, I needed to lay robust foundations for this diverse company. Within fifteen years EMR achieved an annual turnover of over £3 billion, employed some 3,000 people and was one of the largest metal recycling companies in the World.

I am an assertive and proven negotiator with a unique record of operational results and Best Value achievement. An innovator, a motivator with project and change management expertise, who is passionate about outstanding results, hard work and commitment.

During my career, I have guided leaders in both the Public and Private sectors. I have introduced problem-solving expertise and acquired a reputation for getting the job done in the most efficient way. As a result, I can unlock problems and simplify processes thereby highlighted the most beneficial solutions.

I introduced partnering agreements to many leading organisations to help them to improve operational processes. I am a champion of the true open book contract and introduced them to market leaders such as Nuclear Electric plc, BMW, Nissen etc. One of these bespoke agreements enabled my company to market all Nuclear Electric surplus items on a retainer and percentage revenue basis. In addition, close working relationships allowed NE to benefit from expert assistance during the decommissioning of the Berkeley Nuclear Power Station.

Being a leader in the recycling industry with extensive operational expertise I was chosen to Chair the Disposal and Infrastructure Committee of The Automotive Consortium on Recycling and Disposal (ACORD). This enabled me to encourage the creation of legislation required by EU legislation and that covered the recycling of the 2 million end of life vehicles produced each year within the UK.

ACORD was an industry-led body set up by Government and made up of organisations such as the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of the Environment, Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions, British and Foreign Motor Manufacturers, Importers and Recyclers.

Some Commercial Achievements:

During my career, I set stringent production and cost-related targets. My practical approach and drive to see things through to completion are evident when looking at the performance of Coopers Holdings and its successor EMR. EMR was formed following the merger of Coopers Holdings and a smaller competitor The Sheppard Group.

Some of the contracts and the exceptional benefits achieved such as:

A five-year rolling supply contract for the supply of over 50 cranes a year that included an 85% first-year buyback clause. This enabled the Cooper Group and then EMR to have new machines every year. Payment for each machine was against a one-year non-availed promissory note and the result was that no bank facility was used as each machine was paid for after it had been returned. The machines were always warranted, gave 100% reliability and were supplied at a fraction of historic costs. This contract saved in excess of £750,000 per annum.

I agreed on contracts such as a 5-year contract with Unipress UK (formally Nissan Yamato), that had a one-year rolling clause to follow the main contract indicating a never-ending supply. Ongoing metal waste contracts with Honda at Swindon & BMW at Swindon & Oxford a rolling contract for metal waste from Krupp Camford Pressings Ltd. a 5-year contract with Nissan UK Ltd for the exclusive disposal of their metal waste on a ten-year open book contract with a value of circa £8,000,000 per annum.

The 3-year contract with Nuclear Electric plc to act as their exclusive agent for the disposal of surplus & redundant assets was their first partnering agreement and was followed by contracts with their successors Magnox Plc and British Energy. These contracts were also placed into extension.

I operated contracts that covered disposals, cost reduction or commercial advice for leading organisations such as: -

South West Water, Yorkshire Water, London Underground First Engineering, Inland Revenue, Gatwick Express, British 0xygen, UK waste, Cleanaway B.T.R Ford Motor Co, C.E.G.B. British Rail, MoD. Unipart etc.

My advice to the Government on Health & Safety and Environmental matters was instrumental in subsequent legislative change.

Having formed Group Supplies Plc, I structured and conducted successful cost-reducing reverse auctions for The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) the commercial arm of the UK Government’s Treasury. Their first auction producing savings of £750,000 on a £1.1 million spend. This 66% saving was supplemented by extra free supplies such that they received an 80% betterment.

As the leader in reverse auctions in the UK public sector, OGC commissioned me to undertake a £232 Million e-tender followed by a reverse auction. I saved them over £100 million. (43%)

The MoD commissioned me to undertake the largest reverse auction ever conducted in the UK Public Sector. This successful competition was for a £1.5 billion supply however the MoD has insisted that the results be treated as totally confidential.

Successful Reverse auctions and savings advice was supplied to the NHS and showed savings averaging over 35%. These included auctions for Hospital Trusts such as Barnet, Enfield and Haringey, Hammersmith and the Royal Free, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells, Newham, North Middlesex, The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, RUH Bath, Whittington and Chelsea and Westminster.

My process was used successfully for private clients including, BMW, Booker, Compass Foods, DBC, EMR, GKN Aerospace, Grant Thornton, Haden, Hellman Worldwide Logistic, London Taxis, Milk Link, P&O, Pall Europe, Schneider Electric, Simms, Sodexho, ThyssenKrupp and Tube Lines.

My clients also received spin-off benefits from my legislative knowledge such as a Government Department being advised to stop unknowingly repeatedly breaking transport laws. A “Blue Chip” client was advised to removed historic “provision cost inclusions” in engineering contracts that amounted to £3 Million per contract. This produced yearly savings of up to £15 million.

The tenders followed by reverse auctions averaged savings of over 30% on historic contract costs.   

When I sold the rights to my unique in-house developed software it had conducted more value in UK Public Sector reverse auctions than all its competitors combined and at that time was the only reverse auction service contracted to be used by the UK Ministry of Defence.                          
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