King, now Delta, moves to his new forever home in Long Island, NY

posted Jul 27, 2012, 9:01 AM by Charles Henderson
Hi Charles,
Wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Delta laid across my lap on the ride home from Brooklyn, gently licking both myself and my granddaughter, Arianna and arrived home safe and sound to his new home on Long Island, NY. His big sister, Lakota and Delta greeted one another with licks and tails wagging. The cats were a complete non issue.
Delta could not have noticed them less and they gave a shrug and walked calmly on by. Delta explored his new yard and each room of our home. He went to sleep in his crate around 11:30pm and woke once when my daughter came home from work around 1am. Love that he barked to let us know someone he did not know yet had entered our home.
We took off his cone collar as he is leaving incision alone, perhaps due to his curiosity of new surroundings however we are watching to ensure his attention doesn't drift back towards that area. He is eating, energetic and just a complete joy.
We are blessed to have Delta as well as rescue folks such as yourself who have a passion and dedication to ensuring the welfare of these unwanted creatures otherwise known as gifts from God.
I can't tell you how much we love him already. He does this amazing affectionate rub up against us whether lying down next to us or sitting that brings tears to my eyes. Similar to when puppies or kittens lean affectionately into their mother. He is really good with my granddaughter as she with him. He wants to play today, lots of energy which is a good thing, so we are giving him lots of attention but trying to keep him calm until incision is healed.  I will send you updates and let you know how he is doing.
Here's his first photo opportunity in his new abode taken on July 27, 2012.