Donations/Wish List

Wish List

Listed below are items most needed as donations at Charles Henderson Animal Rescue:

1.  VEHICULE-SUV/VAN to transport animals that works well- preferably a vehicule that runs well and won't cost alot of resources    to repair
2.  MEDICAL SUPPLIES for dogs & cats:
     DA2PP, Panacur, Epi-Otic, Tetramycin, Capstar, Animax, Benadryl, Frontline, Novox, Rimadyl, Ketachlor shampoo, Epi-     Smooth shampoo, Nature's Miracle, Strongid, needles, syringes, Previcox, Peramaxx, Methyprednisolone, Panalog, MicaVed
3.  ISOLATION KENNELS for cats & dogs
4.  DONATIONS so we can buy the building & make the dog & cat rescue shelter & adoption center PERMANENT!!!
5.  SUPPLIES: blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, newspaper, plastic bags
 Charles Henderson Animal Rescue would love to purchase one of these adoption vehicules.  They are expensive.  They cost upwards of $50K but they also provide the freedom to go out into the community and adopt out more dogs and cats locally. 
The Charles Henderson Animal Rescue Adoption vehicule is a goal that will provide a significant amount of animals the opportunity to be seen and adopted to their new forever homes as well as provide exposure to shelter cats and dogs that make wonderful and outstanding companion animals.
Please join us and help us procure this adoption vehicule so we can affect real time change attempting to stave off the overwhemling epidemic of shelter dogs and cats being needlessly and shamlessly put to sleep daily. 
3-4 million dogs are killed in the US every year.
Twice that many cats die needlessly as well.
Help us put our boots on the ground in many neighborhoods throughout New York City. 
"One at a Time & As Many as We Can"
charles henderson animal rescue
please consider a donation
Charles Henderson Animal Rescue is a qualified 501c3 public charitable organization and a New York State recognized not for profit corporation. 
Charles Henderson Animal Rescue is an approved animal rescue shelter & adoption center & humane society by the ASPCA.