Journals edited by Dr. Figley include:

1. Traumatology (Journal) (1995-present), the International Journal of the Green Cross Projects

2. The Journal of Traumatic Stress (1987-1992), the Official Journal of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

3. Journal of Family Psychotherapy (1985-1990) current known as the Journal of Family Psychotherapy (by Haworth Pres)

Book Series Edited or Co-Edited by Dr. Figley include:

1. The Routledge (formerly Brunner/Mazel) Psychosocial Stress Book Series (1978-present)  See current books in the Series.
2. The Taylor & Francis Series in Trauma and Loss (1996-2002) Co-Edited with Therese Rando, Ph.D.

3. The CRC Press Innovations in Psychology Book Series (1998-2002)

4. The American Psychological Association Books Series in Stress and Trauma (2001-2002)

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