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Everson & Figley Book about Treating Military Families Systemically

This book emerged over a five-year period. Blaine Everson had focused his dissertation and must of his clinical practice outside an Army base to military family resilience. Although there were some books on military and military family life as a resource for counselors helping military members, there was no book available to teach helpers to think and treat military family members systemically. Family systems is a proven, evidence-based, and practitioner tested and validated. The American Family Therapy Academy and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy endorse our book which has more than 20,000 members. 

We hope that this book serves as a valuable resource to students and young professionals who are thinking about working with military families, no matter their treatment approach preferences. We believe that this book provides a very good orientation not only to working with military families generally, but also helps counselors understand the differences among the branches. This is especially true, for example, with the Marines. Don Catherall wrote a useful chapter about Marine families and some useful tips about how to work with them most effectively.

The book is due out in November 2010 but it could be released sooner. I have learned to be patient.

Here is the Series Editorial about the book.