APA Fellows of Division 56

APA Membership Fellow Status — Division 56 (Trauma Psychology):

Fellowship is an honor bestowed upon Members of the American Psychological Association who have demonstrated unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology.Nominations to Initial Fellow status are made by APA Divisions . See the Division 56 (Trauma Psychology) web site. Go to the public site at the APA web site for a description of the APA Fellow status.

Division Members who believe that they have made a significant contribution to trauma psychology should consider becoming a candidate. 

If you are already an APA Fellow in another APA Division, the process is quite easy: Just complete the official Uniform Fellow Application and at the bottom note how you qualify for Division 56 Fellow status by attending to the Division Fellows criteria adopted in 2008. A copy is attached below.

If you wish to apply for APA Fellow Status in the Division and you are not currently a Fellow, also review the Division's Fellows criteria below and go here.

Fellow candidate application materials are reviewed first by the Division Fellows Committee. If approved the Candidate's application is forwarded to the Division's governing council. If approved, the application goes to the APA Membership Committee, which has the responsibility of making recommendations (based on criteria established by both the APA and the nominating division) to the APA Board of Directors. The Board recommends nominee election to the APA Council of Representatives, which then elects nominees to Fellow status.

Send  application materials via email attachments to Charles Figley, Fellows Committee Chair, Trauma Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association via Email: Figley@Tulane.Edu. Phone: 504-862-3473.

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Founding Div 56 Fellows (as of September 1, 2007)

Division 56 Fellows as of January 2009

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