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October 27, 2015

Alligator Point, Florida

 Dear Visitors:

My sabbatical* from my Tulane University professorial duties ends January 1st. I will happily return to New Orleans and academic life due in part to a very worthwhile break. It has been (so far)  a great opportunity to catch up on my writing. I will have completed 5 new articles, 4 new chapters, a research proposal, and hope to start the development of a plan to develop a new graduate program in trauma involving several Tulane Schools.

But what has occupied more of my time that I had budgeted is donating my time (pro bono work) to help the American Psychological Association rebound from such a low point in its history. I consider APA my primary home, especially now that there exists a Division within APA focusing on trauma psychology. See the list of elements under News to the left. If you would like to be part of this healing process: Focusing on restorative mental health for the victims of torture enabled by psychologists go to the Torture Trauma Studies Site.

Here is where we go to counterbalance the stress of our work: Alligator Point, Florida.

Best wishes,



*sabbatical is a period of time faculty are given time away from their daily work activities for a semester or two that will have the effect of improving their productivity --  in quality or quantity or both.