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May 13, 2016

Greetings Everyone,
Glad you are visiting my web pages. We look forward to another Tulane University's commencement and graduation. A special graduate is Eric Corzine who will receive his PhD tomorrow at the Law School ceremonies at the uptown campus. As Eric's major professor I will have the honor of draping him with his nearly earned Tulane University doctoral hood, a symbol of honor. I have been working with Eric since he attended my disaster resilience master course. Eric's dissertation studied the data we collected in Israel that focused on the axioms of trauma resilience among a panel of experts on the topic who have lived in Israel and endured the constant dangers in that part of the world.
Kathy and I will host a reception at our house for Eric and his family members visiting from Oklahoma. Some of his friends and his doctoral committee and their spouses will be attending to help celebrate Eric's significant achievement of earning his PhD.

This is a time of transition regarding our Tulane School of Social Work. We are finishing the second year being in our new home at 127 Elk Place (near the famous Canal Street). Patrick Bordnick was recruited to serve as the new Dean starting July 1st while Ron Marks ends 15 years of exceptional service and leadership, rejoins the faculty, and continues his research focusing on resilience and the role of culture. 

There will also be a period of transition regarding charlesfigley.com. The experiment with Weebly did not work (Tulane did not like the platform's security) so we are trying WordPress. Watch for the changes.

Charles Figley