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Gardeners in Community Development - On Fitzhugh between Bryan and Ross. My friend, Don Lambert (of Borneo, Nepal, Berkeley, etc. fame) has kept on truckin' through a lot more thin than thick to make this beautiful place happen in our community. A Great Garden.

The coolest nursery is Doan's, 622 E. Beltline Rd., Irving - 972-790-3500. Lots of SE Asian plants. Be sure to check out the greenhouses. No website.

North Haven 7700 Northhaven Road - 214.363.5316 and Nicholson-Hardie 5060 West Lover's Lane - 214.357.4674 - Both have good rose and perennial selection and knowledgeable staff.

Rohde's 1651 Wall Street in Garland - 972.864.1934 - is the best place I've found for organic products. Good organic fertilizer $15.99 for 40 pounds. Best prices on old garden roses ($14.99 for 2 gallon container) (2005 prices). Nice people.

First Men's Garden Club of Dallas - the calendar guys; other things, too.

Redenta's 2201 Skillman @ Oram in Old East Dallas - 214. 823.9421 (other locations, too). A little more expensive than others. BUT, they very occasionally sometimes have a half off all plants sale. Oh, man.

Creative Water Gardens 2125 Kingsley in Garland - 972.271.1411. Nice people; nice place.

Calloway's several locations. See website.

Gunter's Greenhouse 513 West Campbell Road in Richardson. Orchids, more.

King's Creek Gardens 813 Strauss Road in Cedar Hill - 972.291.7650.

Shades of Green 8801 Coit Road, Frisco - 972.335.9095. Mostly trees.

Weston Gardens 8101 Anglin Drive, Fort Worth (FW - what a nice place) 817.572.0549. Homegrown web site. Looks like a good place.

Walton's 8642 Garland Road - 214.321.2387.

Dallas Farmer's Market. What farmers? You know where it is. More expensive than most places.

Antique Rose Emporium - a great site and place. Print catalogs are so nice.

Parks Seed catalogs are for dreaming & planning. Next year! My advice is to order a print catalog. http://www.parkseed.com

A few of my gardening tips - soil, plants that have done well for me, climbing roses, cut flowers

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A Cottage Garden | Tips on Gardening | Notes - 2003-2005

The first glimmer was long ago pictures of some New Zealand cottage gardens. Then the gardens at City of Hope Hospital near LA. And Mitta Angel's front garden and riding around with David when he was learning to drive - in Old East Dallas, especially Hollywood Heights, seeing

gardens in front of homes - cottage gardens. Photo: back garden 4/03 - iberis, nicotiana returning, blue columbine (from Don Lambert), oxalis, iris (from Mary Gorman), trandescantia way in the back, star jasmine on fence, lemon grass in jar. Through the gate are gerbera daisies, Confederate violets (blooming over for the year), faintly seen red & yellow columbine, and very large hollyhocks. Now (4/05), the back fence is pretty much covered in roses: Lady Banks, Graham Thomas, Climbing America, New Dawn, & Zepherine Drouhin on this side & Climbing Peace, Climbing America, & Lady Banks on the alley side. And there is an arbor over the gate; Felicia growing over it from one side & jasmine from the other. It should be obvious, but in case not, this site is art/is about art, performance art, to be exact. It also speaks to mental health. Take it from a nurse practitioner: Gardening is good for you - and so is reading seed catalogs! Photo: front garden 4/03 - thyme, oxalis, feverfew, minature rose, woodland phlox, yarrow, iris.

Some of What's Growing Here

Flowers - From 2003-2007, too many to list, though I get satisfaction in making & having lists. In front - iris (several kinds & colors), violets, digitalis, cosmos, day lilies, lilies, scabiosa, trandescantia, lilies, obedient flower, garden phlox, woodland phlox, oxalis, daisies, daffodils, columbine, clematis, gerbera daisies, yarrow. star jasmine, trumpet vine. In back - iris, day lilies, trandescantia, garden phlox, oxalis, violets (Confederate & wood), nicotiana, snowflake, iberis, columbine, jasmine, gerbera daisies, star jasmine, trumpet vine. Photo below: Front garden 5/06

Herbs - Mint x 2, sage, rosemary x 2, thyme x 3, oregano x 2, lavender, lemon balm, St. John's wort, summer savory, basil (lots), cilantro, garlic, mullein, feverfew, salad burnet, scented geranium, marjoram, catnip, sweet myrtle, tarragon, artemesia, allium, lemon grass.

Roses - In front, mostly old garden roses - American Beauty, Old Blush, Maggie, Katy Road Pink, Buff Beauty, Marie Pavié, Hermosa, Don Juan, New Dawn, Zepherine Drouhin, Duchess de Brabant, Mrs. Joseph Schwartz, Belinda's Dream, Perle d' Oro. In back, mostly hybrid teas for cutting - Chrysler Imperial (dark red, great scent), Peace, First Prize, Tiffany, Sweet Surrender, Fragrant Cloud, Gene Boerner, Climbing America, Graham Thomas. Old garden roses in the back are Zepherine Drouhin, Felicia (fragrant pale clear pink clusters - one of my favorites), Gruss an Aachen, Marie Pavié, Lady Banks. A few tips on growing 

Photo: Buddy at the garden in the evening