Charles Ridgway


 Senior Associate Member of the Society of American Travel Writers


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Charles Ridgway with his potrait presented at retirement.

   After more than 40 years publicizing Walt Disney Parks, writer Charles Ridgway turned to travel writing and photography as a major avocation.

   He has been a member of the Society ofAmerican Travel Writers for more than 35 years.

  Since 2000 his trips included:

France, Italy ,                United Kingdom, Switzerland,  Austria, Germany,       Czechoslovakia Netherlands,         China, Chile, South Africa,  Belgium


Extensive travels throughout  the United States.

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England/Paris 2007 Images from England's Lake District, London and Paris taken in October 2007.  To View click. See earlier images in  Europe West or UK galleries below.

Mediterranean Trip  Images from Rome, Sorrento, Athens, Istanbul and Greek Island Cruise, May 2007. To View Click Here

CHILE, Photos taken in Santiago, Valp

araiso and Patagonia in the fall of 2006 including Torres del Paine National Park To View gallery Click Here

 CHINA Photos from trip  in2004, includes Beijing,   Yangtze Cruise, Xian,Guilin and,  Li River, Hong Kong, Suzhou ian,Shanghai.       To view  gallery, Click here

     South Africa -- Big game safaris and tour  of Capetown, Johannesburg area, Zulu Nyala and Kruger National Park.  To view Click Here

     EUROPE EAST Photos from trips to Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands,Switzerland 2001-2005,               To View click here   

    EUROPE WEST  Photos from many         parts of France, Portugal and Spain taken between 1990 and .2006.   To View , click here

            UNITED KINGDOM AND IRELAND        Photos  from a trip to London in Spring of 2005 plus images from earlier  trips to Wales and Ireland. To view, Click Here


       Midwestern United States Images       from trips Chicago, Upper  Michigan  and Missouri in 2005 and 2006.                                To View   Click here

     Western United States, Images from      trips in 2005 and 2006 to Nevada,       California and Wyoming, Grand Teton & Yellowstone Parks, and San Francisco,          To View  Click Here

Disney,  Images from Walt Disney World including the Magic Kingdom, Epcot,        Disney MGM Studios, To View Click Here


Eastern U.S. Images from New England, Philadelphis, and Central Florida taken in 2002-2006.  To View Click Here





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Photography By Scott Ridgway

For more than 5 years my son, Scott Ridgway, has  photographed  Native Americans in their traditional ceremonial attire, at tribal gatherings, at home and on the road from California .to Connecticut.   Most appealing of all are the young people.  Photos can be seen on Scott's website, by clicking the link below or e-mailing inagoodwayphotogpjy@ 

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