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I created this site to annouce that you can now purchase this book:
"Hanging in Laclede County Missouri, The Core and King Story
The book is about Joseph Core who was born in Virginia in 1843 and George E. King who was born in Casey County, Kentucky in 1826.  Joseph Core was hung in Lebanon, Missouri for the murder of George E. King in 1880.

About the Hanging in Laclede County, Missouri 
The book  includes everything I could find about Joseph Core and George E. King.  It starts with an overview of events that happened before the murder.  Then it includes the newpaper announcement of the murder.  The full circuit court trial has been transcribed with footnotes on mostly all people of those who testified.  Many who testified during the Circuit Court trial taked about what they were doing the day George E. King was murdered.  The complete Supreme Court Opinions were transcribed.  Many newspaper accounts of the hanging are included.  There are maps showing where events took place.  It also include histories of Joseph Core's and George E. King's families.  Click on the book index page, on the uper left side, to see the many citizens and places of Laclede County are included in this book.  There are 251 people named in this book that were either part of the trial or part of Joseph Core or George E. King's family history.