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Photogravure 4 from the portfolio, Temple Ruins, Bryan Hunt
LIS 600: Foundations of Library and Information Studies

Required Text(s):

Rubin, Richard (2004). Foundations of library and information science (2nd ed.). NY: Neal –Schumann Publishers, Inc.


This graduate-level course is an introduction to librarianship and other information professions. Underlying principles common to all information environments and specialties are covered, including the historical and philosophical development of librarianship and the information professions, technology and legislative trends in the field, and professional responsibilites, particularly as they relate to user access to information. Throughout the semester, an emphasis is placed socializing new students to the field. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

Through readings, discussions, lectures and written assignments, the student completing this course will be able to:

  • Understand contemporary professional working environments within librarianship and the information professions; identify the function and priorities of these enviornments, and describe typical useer constituencies.
  • Identify and discuss professional issues and trends in libraries and information agencies; offer informed opinions on these trends.
  • Develop an ability to think creatively with regard to the subject matter.
  • Develop an openess to new ideas.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the key literature of the field.
  • Understand techniques and methoda used to gain new knowledge in the field.
  • Assess and articulate his/her professional development goals and activities.
  • Prepare for additional graduate study in the field.
  • State a personal professional philosophy based in the field's ethics, standards and principles.