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Spring 2010
LIS 623 Online Bibliographic Information Retrieval
Dr. Nora Bird
Final Grade: 

LIS 698 Capstone Experience in Library and Information Sudies
Dr. Julia Hersberger

Spring 2008
LIS 690 Independent Study: Collection Evaluation in Community College Library
Dr. Nora Bird
Final grade: A

Current GPA 4.0
Cumulative GPA 3.65

Fall 2007

LIS 688 G: Special Topics Information Graphics
Dr. William Kealy
Final Grade: A

LIS 691 Practicum (Guilford Technical Community College)
Dr. James Carmichael
Final Grade: S

Current GPA: 4.0
Cumulative GPA: 3.63

Spring 2007

LIS 650: Library Administration and Management
Dr. Anthony Chow
Final Grade: A

LIS 666: Information Ethics and Policy
Dr. Rebecca Pressman
Final Grade: A-

LIS 688B: Seminar in Selected Topics: History of the Book
Dr. Joseph Rosenblum
Final Grade: B+

Current GPA 3.66
Cumulative GPA: 3.58

Fall 2006

LIS 620: Information Services and Sources
Dr. James Carmichael
Final Grade: A

LIS 640: Organizing Library Collections
Dr. (Orvin) Lee Shiflett
Final Grade: B

LIS 655: The Public Library
Dr. Lou Sua
Final Grade: A-

Current GPA: 3.56
Cumulative GPA: 3.54

Spring 2006

LIS 600 Foundations of Library and Information Studies
Dr. Edna Codgell
Final Grade: A-

LIS 615: Collection Management
Dr. Beatrice Kovacs
Final Grade: B+

Current GPA: 3.5
Cumulative GPA: 3.5