Charilaos (Charis) Efthymiou


I am a researcher at Goethe University in Frankfurt, funded by DFG.  My  research interests are in 
Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, Probability Theory

Before joining Goethe Uni., 
I had a great  time in
  • ARC, College of Computing, Georgia Tech, USA
  • DIMAP, University of Warwick, UK
  • School of Informatics, University of  Edinburgh, UK

Publications:  List of Publications  (most of them are available online here).

During  Spring '15 semester I am teaching  "Honors  Discrete
                    Mathematics".  Please check the course's website.

During   Spring '14 semester,  I was doing the seminar for
                     the course "Markov Chains and Random Generation"
                     In the following link you can find the set of exercises.

                     During  Fall'13 semester I was teaching  "Compinatorics
                     and Probability".  Please check the course's website.

                    During the 
Spring '13 semester, I was teaching "Theory of
                    Random Graph
s"Please check the course's website.

Contact :
                             Email:  </html>     (please replace </html> with efthymiou)
               Office Address: Robert-Mayer Straße 10, (Room 305)
                                         Frankfurt am Main, 60325,