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    CRW Reaches Out to Middle Schools, Science Olympiad.

    posted Mar 9, 2012, 6:45 AM by Nathan Rigoni
    A CRW team member assists in filling a competitors rocket with water.
    The CRW team spent the Saturday of 2/18/2012 reaching out to middle school students in order to teach them more about rocketry and the sciences. The CRW team hosted a water powered rocket competition where students from schools around the state could come and compete. The competition involves building a rocket out of a 2 liter bottle and filling the bottle with water. After the water is in the rocket the bottle is placed on the launch pad and pressurized to 30psi and then quickly released to fly. The pressure expelling the water give a mass flow rate out of the bottle which provides the thrust force that propels the small rockets toward the sky. 
        At least 60 middle school students participated in this portion of the Science Olympiad. The CRW team enjoyed the opportunity to spread the knowledge of science and mathematics to the younger generations. CRW thanks all the participants of the Science Olympiad.