Letter from a teenager in South Africa

 Letter one

Letter two

letter three

Parents quiz






     Teenagers all over the world seem to share the same interests, hobbies, worries,... Are they really so similar?

     Read these letters from four different teenagers and try to do the activities below.

 1. Read the letters and answer these questions:

  • How did Gladys (letter one) get the money for her books?
  • Why does she think a lot of teenagers are violent?
  • Why didn't she get into trouble?
  • What's Holly's (letter 2) main concern?
  • What' is boys' main interest according to Holly's opinion?
  • What are the dangers for teenagers according to Holly's opinion?
  • What does Baker (letter three) do at the weekend?
  • What does he do on weekdays?
  • What's junk food? Explain it in English. Give examples.

2. Now read "Life as a teen in South Africa" and answer these questions:

  • Do teenagers usually go out with their friends? Why?
  • What do they usually do instead?
  • What's AIDS?
  • Why is south Africa so dangerous for young girls?

3. Whose experience as a teenager is closer to your own experience?

4. Do your parents know you well? Let them do the quiz and write down their score.

5. Write down the new vocabulary words you have learnt.

6. Now, you can play some games to relax and practise your English.


 FINAL TASK: Write a composition about your life as a teenager. Compare your experience with the ones you've just read.