Short history of jewels

Medieval Jewellry

Egyptian Jewellry

The Crown Jewels




Wearing jewels is not a modern fashion at all. People started wearing them  40.000 years ago… That’s a long time ago!!!


           Read the information in the links  on the left column and answer these questions:


1. Which period of history used rings as symbols? Give an example.

2. What's the name of the queen who loved pearls?

3. Rich men wore diamonds on their belts or buttons in the ............ century.

4. Regarding jewelry, what's on fashion today?

5. When were colour gems very popular?

6. What types of raw material did the craftsmen used in the Middle Ages?

7. Where did they all come from?

8. Explain why the princess' jewels were probably placed on her mummy?

9. Write down the list of new words you learnt in this activity. 


             Finally, look at these photos and choose one to write about. (Describe the photo, write down your opinion about the woman's personality, do you like her jewels? Why/why not? etc…)



            Now, if you still have some time...: Do you know anything about the Crown Jewels. What are they? Where are they? etc. Write a short composition.