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Secret Garden II
Secret Garden II
First off, let me apologize for the extremely slow speed of the site and my posting the last couple of days. Apparently the Defensio filter which fends off at least 98% of the fetid forum spam culture has been down, thereby slowing any pixelpost site that employs its services. Consequently, I removed it and will most likely be manually deleting the 300 odd comments per day that pop up insisting that I need Viagra coated in chocolate covered free mp3 crumbles, then deep fried in a light red porn movie followed by a generous desert portion of home mortgages. Honestly...isn't there some sort of other work they could do, and if not could we please find a mass grave somewhere large enough to house them all... But I digress... In the aforementioned secret garden run by a hippy with a parrot, I waited for a soaking tropical rain to pass. Once the clouds had emptied the content of their stomachs across the lowlying Florida Keys the sun began to again emerge and shine. As any Floridian (or summer tourist) knows, the combination of summer storm and sunlight produces a horrific humidity that at times makes one feel as if he or she is drowning in the very air. Although I majored in photography, I minored in complaining, and that weather sets me to bitching up a storm unrivaled by any Cat 5 that ever rolled across the peninsula. Somewhere between wiping sweat from a saturated forehead and whispering curses to whatever diety I could recall from story or study, I began to again notice my surroundings. Long story flying when tripping and being distracted, the occasional thing that is not like the others simply jumps out to be noticed. This leaf seemed so could I resist.
I took about 245 pictures and had a lot of good results but i decided to just pick one and not spam my photostream. I'll post a photo and diagram of how i shot this shot below. Flash Info: DSLR300 in front of the bowl of water aimed towards camera with a mini softbox over it with color filters over the soft box. Shot with Yongnuo flash triggers. I'm wondering right now why i'm using my cruddy DSLR300 flash in this shot and not my YN-560... oh well, in a few weeks i'm ordering a TON of lighting equiptment! 2 flash stands, 2 umbrella mounts, 2 shoot through umbrellas, 2 reflective umbrellas, another YN-560 flash, snoot, and a battery grip! SO EXCITED. Feel free to leave any feedback, it's much appreciated!

free spam filter
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