Rally Coach

Rally coach is a great exercise to use to have pairs help each other solve problems in class. In a math class, this could be used with any set of questions you would like students to answer. In an English class, this could be used with a set of grammar questions. With Science, you could use this exercise to have students help one another solve chemical equations. And in social studies, you could use this to have students fill out a question set about the details of a historic event that took place.

  1. Have students get into pairs either using "Stand up, Hand up, Pair Up" or music.
  2. Partner A then solves the first problem on the handout.
  3. Partner B will watch and listen as this is done, and then either coach if the problem is answered incorrectly or praise if it is right.
  4. Partner B will then solve the next problem on the worksheet.
  5. Partner A will then watch and listen, check the answer, and either coach or praise.
  6. The problems will then be repeated again starting at step 1.