Join us as we visit the Navy Lakehurst Heritage Center

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What:  Visit the Navy Heritage Center, Hangar One, Hindenburg cash site, Cathedral of the Air, museum with many artifacts of Naval Aviation and Lakehurst's history.
Where:  Joint Base Lakehurst
When:  Saturday, 13 OCT 2018, 09:30 at the gate (see below)
1.  Bob Smetana is the point of contact []
2.  We will be visiting an active U.S. military facility.  Base security must pre-approve all visitors so you must therefore send Bob the following info for everyone attending: First, middle and last name; date of birth; driver license number and issuing state.  This info must be received by Bob no later than 03 OCT 2018. 
3.  Transportation will be by carpool.  

2017: B17 "Aluminum Overcast" Update

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September 22 (Friday)
Rides and Ground Tours are scheduled to start around 10:00 AM through early afternoon with the ground tours following later in the day.  Additional flight(s) may take place later in the day if needed.

September 23 and 24 (Saturday and Sunday)
Wings & Wheels will be in progress and B-17 Rides and Ground Tours will be available to the public at the Runway 28 RN ramp area.  The flights are scheduled to start around 10:00 AM through early afternoon with the ground tours following later in the day.  Additional flight(s) may take place later in the day if needed.

Aluminum Overcast: Great to see her again!

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We had a great visit this year!  It was good to see old friends and help bring part of our Nation's history to New Jersey once again.  Visitors included plenty of locals and a couple that followed the tour online, and came in from Manhattan for a ride, during their vacation...where were they from?  New Zealand!

Missed the tour stop?  You can follow the tour at

See you next year!

First award of the EAA Chapter 73 Air Academy Scholarship!

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The Scholarship Selection Committee, after careful evaluation, is pleased to announce that Evan Miller and Giancarlo Leon have been awarded the first-ever EAA Chapter 73 Air Academy Scholarships!  These two aviation-minded youth will be going to the Air Academy summer camp program in Oshkosh this summer thanks to the generosity of the members of EAA Chapter 73.

Congratulations to our two award winners!

Chapter 73 EAA AirAcademy Scholarship Launches!

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Spring 2012

Dear Aviation Enthusiast

EAA Chapter 73, Fairfield, NJ has announced it will be sponsoring two youth to attend EAA’s Air Academy  this summer.

A scholarship will be awarded to two local students, ages 12-13 and/or 14–15 who have an interest in aviation. The Air Academy is a week-long event held each summer (mid June to early July of 2012) at EAA’s headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  It is an incredible opportunity for youth interested in aviation.

A brochure with more information, and the application, can be found at:

Please note that due to the extremely short timeline this first year, the requirement for references is waived.

The Scholarship covers tuition, room & board and airfare for the participant.

I know, if you love aviation they way I do, you will agree this is an opportunity not to be missed! This is how dreams start to become reality. Please contact me or any of the other board members of Chapter 73 if you have any questions or concerns. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, we ask you to complete the application and submit it by March 20, 2012.  Submission details are in the application.

This is Chapter 73's first year and we want to see it continued in the coming years.  If you or someone you know would like to help us inspire youth to achieve their aviation goals in any way, please visit our "About Us" page or contact us at  

Harry Parsons, EAA Chapter 73, (973) 296-4631

Young Eagles Rally a success

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Thanks to all our volunteer pilots and ground crew, that so graciously volunteered their personal time and resources to make this a great event!

53 Young Eagles were flown Sunday by 5 pilots using 3 Cessna Skyhawks, 1 Citabria and 1 Robinson R44 helicopter.

Young Eagles got to build and fly a FPG-9 model glider and received an AMA rubber powered model to build at home.  A retired commercial pilot shared his exciting experiences and explained the many things a pilot learns during his career.  Flight instructors and pilots were available to explain how to go about learning to fly, and the The Young Eagles also got to see how an airport works, and to watch all manner of different aircraft come and go.

It was smiles all around!


48 Young Eagles flown!

posted Sep 22, 2010, 6:43 PM by Chapter 73 EAA

Sunday's Young Eagles rally went spectacularly well thanks to pilots Roger Gordon, Jerry Kaplan, Barnett Schmidt and Joe Gugel. Joe flew his first and five other Young Eagle flights in his recently acquired Grumman Cheetah. 
Besides Bob McClosky, Larry Lorenz and Harry Parson's promotional and registration work, Bob Fenner did a terrific  job all day managing and rounding up kids for their flights.

Harry's Trivia Challenge was extremely popular.  John's niece, Amanda Golderer, graded the trivia quizzes, awarded the prizes and sold beverages and snacks for six straight hours.
Weather-wise the flying conditions were near-perfect, crowd control was never an issue. There were many extremely happy Young Eagles, siblings and parents between 9:00 and 6:00 when the gate was locked and the rest of us left.

Kudos to the volunteers! 

Bob Muirhead 

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