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Welcome to the 2014 Mid-Eastern Regional

Dates: 13-15 November 2014
Location: Greensboro Coliseum, 1921 West Lee Street, Greensboro, NC

Pre-registration has closed. Registration hours during the regional are listed below.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 13

1:00 PM   Registration Opens

3:00 PM   Tailgate Opens

5:00 PM   Tailgate closes, Mart Room Set-up for Table Holders and Early Birds

7:00 PM   Mart Set-up and Registration Closes

Friday, November 14

8:00 AM    Registration opens, Mart Room Set-up for Table Holders and Early Birds

9:00 AM    Mart Room Opens, Exhibit Opens

9:30 AM    Gregg Perry: Gilding demonstration

11:00 AM  Lecture by Don Barrett– Ball Watches and Their Heritage

11:00 AM  Gregg Perry:  French Polishing-Finishing

12:30 PM   Lecture By Howard Cohen– The Wonderful and Unique Clocks of Jonathan C. Brown

1:30 PM     Gregg Perry: Rebuilding Case

2:00 PM     Lecture By Ray Zeman– John Davison, Davison County North Carolina Aaron Willard Tall Case Clock

3:00 PM      Gregg Perry: Veneer

3:30 PM      Regional Registration Closes, Auction Registration Opens

4:00 PM      Silent Auction Ends

4:00 PM      Mart Room and Exhibit Closes

4:30 PM      Absolute Auction Begins

Saturday, November 15

7:45 AM    Breakfast Banquet

8:45 AM    Registration opens, Mart Room opens for table holders and Early Birds               

9:00 AM   Mart Room Opens, exhibit Opens, begin accepting items for silent auction

9:00 AM   Gregg Perry: Marquetry

9:30 AM   Lecture By Tom Spittler– Thomas Nauman and other Southern Grandfather Clocks

11:00 AM  Lecture by Howard Cohen – Treasures of the American Clock and Watch Museum

11:00 AM  Gregg Perry: Ornamentation

12:30 PM    Perry: Brass Dial Restoration and Conservation

1:00 PM      Registration closes

3:00 PM      Mart closes, begin teardown

5:00 PM      Mart teardown complete, security ends

Hotels with NAWCC Rates

Free Parking

Free Silent Auction

Thursday Afternoon Tailgate

Free Tailgate Spaces for All Table Holders & Early Birds

Drive-in Loading and Unloading Available

Absolute Auction of 100 Clocks with No Reserve
Private collection from a non-NAWCC Member
(E Howard, Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Krober & more)
See List of Clocks and Flyer Links Below

Hot Breakfast Banquet on Saturday Morning
Double-Dial Calendar Clock as Breakfast Banquet Prize

Demonstrations on Friday and Saturday by Gregg Perry
(Gilding, Marquetry, Finish Restoration, French Polishing, Chinoiserie/Lacquer Work)

Exhibit of Ball Watches

Exhibit of J C Brown Clocks

Presentation by Don Barrett on Ball Watches

Presentation by Tom Spittler on
"Thomas Nauman and other Southern Grandfather Clock Makers"

Presentation by Howard Cohen on "J C Brown and his Clocks"

Presentation by Howard Cohen on
"The Treasures of the American Clock and Watch Museum"

Presentation by Ray Zeman on "John Davidson Aaron Willard Tall Case Clock"

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NAWCC 2014 Mid-Eastern Regional Page
- link to the NAWCC "Upcoming Events" page for the Mid-Eastern Regional. Online registration supported via this link.