Help the Project

There are three ways in which you can help the project:

1) If you use the Catalogue - get in touch!
Just drop me a line (rmchapple[replace with 'at' symbol'] of you have found it to be of use. Also - please come to my Facebook page and 'like' it ... your support is much appreciated and needed! Suggestions of how the resource could be be improved are always welcome (not always implemented, but always welcome!). There is also a Testimonials page - if you have used the Catalogue and found it to be of use, please consider contributing a short paragraph, outlining your research and how the resource was of use to you.

2) Send me your radiocarbon or dendro dates! If you have dates (either published or unpublished) please take a look at the 'Submitting new dates' portion of the notes page and consider passing on your data on for inclusion in future releases of the Catalogue.

3) This resource needs more books! To date, the Catalogue has been wholly financed by myself. Unfortunately, the economic downturn means that I am no longer in a position to buy all the books necessary to keep this resource up to date. That is why I have included a 'Wish List' page giving the books that would provide valuable additions to the Catalogue, but which I have been unable to afford. I would be delighted to accept donations (in cash or kind) from publishers of books and journals, archaeological companies, or private individuals, to keep this resource alive and current. In return I will advertise those companies/organisations etc. in the Acknowledgments section of this site and in the downloadable Catalogue itself.

4) Shop at Amazon through this site! ... This will cost you nothing, but a proportion of your transaction with Amazon (about 4-5% on selected products) will go to keeping this site running and keeping the Catalogue up to date! ... Just click on any one of the Amazon buttons throughout this part of the site. Every click and every purchase helps!

Please use the Amazon portals on my blog, either for UK & Ireland residents or those using It is really appreciated!