Archaeological Photography

Over the years, I have amassed a relatively large quantity of archaeological photographs from excavations, excursions and family holidays. These are mostly on slide/transparency and have relatively little merit as 'art'. Many are the 'working shots' that get taken on excavations, but rarely make it into the official, published reports on these sites. During 2011 I began the task of copying them from slide to digital versions and uploading publicly visible selections on my Facebook page.

These may be found here:

Other albums of archaeological photographs on Facebook include:

One on my photos has been featured on the Megaliths and Sheep Blog

The slide show photos on the home page may all be found on Picasa 

I have more publicly accessible albums of photos (some archaeological, some not) at Photobucket.

Should anyone wish to use any of these for research etc., it shouldn't be a problem if you ask me first.