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The Chappell Hill Cultural Heritage Group provides future professionals with ample space on this site to showcase your talent. We are proud to display your art work, historical essays and other academic achievements on this page.


This Student Gallery Youtube Section (see below) will offer a fun and easy, "word of the week" challenge.
It is our hope that each of you will rise to the contest and create opportunities to use the weekly word  often. Use it with your families, in school essays, class projects, and create fun sentences when texting your friends.


(Example): noun pl. alumni -·ni′ (-nī′) of alumnus, graduates or former students of a school, college or university. "Alumni" is used to describe both men and women.              


Example in a sentence:  Meet some of the town's most famous Blinn College alumni, James and Diane.



Please leave your comments below, include the name of your school and a list of words or word that you would like to see on the Youtube Section.
Welcome students, you decided to add new words to your vocabulary. That's awesome!
There is an important word being used lately regarding congress.  Our new word,                                     se·ques·ter,   Noun  
                                Definition:             A general cut in government spending.



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