Achievements and Contributions That Changed Our Lives

The first student-run Black History Exhibit was held in Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas, 

at the Chappell Hill Museum in February, 2013.  

                                                               "We envision a generation of young people who are proud of their cultural heritage, and inspired to do great things."

Tracy McDonald, Inventor: Garrett Morgan

Tracy McDonaldDestiny Turner

     I                                                                                        Destiny Turner, The shoe lasting machine
                                 Inventor: Jan Ernst Matzeliger invented the automatic shoe lasting machine, mechanizing the complex process of joining a shoe sole to its upper, and revolutionizing the shoe industry. Patent #274,207
Nesha Lewis
Nesha Lewis, Inventor, Madame C.J. Walker

Brandon Dorsey
 Team members, Brandon Dorsey (pictured), and  Donterius Sweed 
Inventor: George Crum, Born George Speck in 1882 in Saratoga Lake, NY

Founded in 2009, The Chappell Hill Cultural Heritage Group, 
is the only organization of  its type in the Washington County, 
area to tell the African American story from the perspective
of the African American Community through exhibits, and annual patriotic events.

Chappell Hill produced sons and daughters who courageously served our nation, from the time of the Civil War to the present. We honor and salute each of you.  
                                            Our Commitment:
     "To preserve our precious cultural heritage through celebrating
historical achievements, especially those of African Americans from
Washington County, Texas."

                  Rich with history..of great political leaders, educators, artist, athletes and soldiers who defended our nation       
Chappell Hill is  easy to locate. It is a small rural and scenic Texas town located at the junction of highway 290 and Farm Road 1155, approximately 50 miles west of Houston, and approximately 85 miles East of Austin, Texas. 

We welcome a visit from you. Join us February, 2013 at the Chappell Hill Historical Society and Museum for an forgettable  American History Exhibit. 

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