Black History Exhibit, 2012

Tools, Textiles and Those Who Used Them

Welcome to the 2012 Black History Exhibit. This exhibit explains the tools and textiles most often used by Black American cotton farmers in Chappell Hill. These basic items were often purchased locally from Harry P. Lesser and Sons' general store. Some items lasted only one work season (i.e. cotton picking time) and were bought using in-store credit accounts. Nevertheless, each item was essential in the struggle to make a living and to improve the economic circumstances of the worker's families and their communities.

In spite of these hardships, Black Americans were determined to maintain a strong and vital community passing on a legacy of hard work, faith and courage.

February, is the month set aside to appreciate past contributions made by Black Americans, let us also look forward to even greater contributions in the future. Once again, thank you for your time and attention today in honor of Black History month. 

Enjoy your visit.
Photo: model African slave ship (Gorey Island) 
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