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Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas is an historic town nestled peacefully in the central portion of the Great State of Texas. This quiet and diverse town is located between Houston and Austin at the junction of US Highway 290 and FM road 1155. 
Welcome to the 3rd anunal Black History Exhibit from Chappell Hill, Texas.
This site is a virtual exhibit dedicated to all who left behind a cultural heritage of perseverance in hardship while pursuing excellence for themselves, their community and the nation.
What made Chappell Hill Historic is not limited by a single miracle; it is a legacy passed on by many heroes and ordinary people through-out history. 
These heroes and ordinary men, women and children lived and worked in Chappell Hill as early as 1854. You will be introduced to some of them as you tour this exhibit.
 ... And They Served offers a visual aide for visitors of all ages to interpret and appreciate the incredible acts of service from an amazing group of people who produced sons and daughters who made significant contributions to the local: 
 economy, politics, education, the arts, sports and our national defense.
These acts of service are presented using both text and photographs.
 Thank you for visiting our first online exhibit.
Enjoy your tour!   
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