The F.A.M. St. John Lodge #12

         ...And they Served
...In Social Settings
An enduring community must have moral strength and vision, and a fabric of caring and benevolence. The church was essential to families in its roles of teaching faith and morals and forming benevolent societies.
The F.A.M. St. John Lodge #12 is one such society. As an important symbol for Chappell Hill, it remains a treasured landmark. It served to create harmony with a spirit of brotherhood and earned the respect of non- African Americans because they shared the same unique set of values.
Within the black community the lodge fostered strong values of mutual responsibilities that contributed significantly to the social and educational fabric of the community.
This once two-story building provided opportunities for various groups to meet and fellowship.
Lessons learned here echoed the teachings from home, school and church on the importance of building good relationshps, basic integrity, and strong leadership skills.
 The groups using the facility included: The M.L. Lyons Palace No. 223, The F.A.M. Masons, the Heroines of Jericho- Beacon Light Court No. 30 and the Order of the Eastern Star.   

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