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...And They Served 

...In Politics
  Alonzo Andrew (A.L.) Sledge was born in Chappell Hill on August 15, 1854. 
 His parents, Henderson and Adelaido, were farmers .He served as a Baptist minister and preached in Chappell Hill for 25 years, at Temple for two years, and at Caldwell for eighteen years.He and his wife had three daughters.  In 1878, he won election to the sixteenth Legislature and served as a representative from Washington and Burleson counties. He was known to be conservative yet firm on matters affecting the status of blacks. He and his wife Louisa had three daughters, Representative Sledge died on October 14, 1918.
  We celebrate his acts of service and are inspired by the same. 

Serving Our Nation

2.3 million

Number of single-race black military veterans in the United States in 2009.
Source: 2009 American Community Survey <http://factfinder.census

...In the Economy
For many African Americans in the Chappell Hill community, cotton was considered "King."
In the face of economic hardships, this community took hold of the opportunities made available to them and established productive farms and raised families.
Working the cotton fields as sharecroppers or tenant farmers they created a heritage that has persevered for over 150 years.
-And it was primarily this industry that provided the financial stability for the black community. Income from cotton crops provided the financial mainstay for many families.
...In Education
Education was of paramount importance to this community; and only education could gratify a people who longed to fulfill their potential. The church leaders rallied the community to found schools from nothing - recruiting teachers, building schoolhouses, and appealing to the government for an equal share of public education funding.
Born in Chappell Hill, Texas 1893
 For 12 years served as Principle of C.H. Hogan Junior High School - Chappell Hill
Served in education for over 40 years
Dedicated educators worked hard to pass the torch of knowdledge along with a strong set of virtues to the youth of each generation. For now, Most of these remain annonymous heroes. In tribute to all - Thank you!
  • C.H. Hogan Junior High grades 9-10
  • Petersville Primmer, Pre-Primmer, and1-8 grade - According to local oral history, the school building's design was unique. Built in 1925, exclusively for African American children.
These educational institutions served to strengthen and foster a resolve for excellence within the community.       
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