Exede Satellite Internet

    Exede is satellite based high speed internet that we sell, install, and service. We give you a generous amount of bandwidth usage compared to most cell phone providers, and you have unlimited access from midnight to 5 am! Exede is satellite based which means it can work nearly anywhere you live, unlike most other high speed internet providers. Here's what you need to know to get set up with Exede:

LIMITED TIME OFFER: $100 installation/activation!
Exede's account setup charge is currently $50 off, bringing the regular installation/activation fee from $150 down to $100!

    We can install Wildblue and activate your account for $0, which includes the shipping & handling fee that WildBlue charges for the equipment. All you need to get set up with Exede is a valid major credit card , pretty good credit and to agree to Exede's two year commitment. As long as you can do that, you simply choose a package that best fits your usage needs! And remember that you can buy additional gigabytes for $10 if you need a little extra usage that month. Don't call direct, no one beats our service after the sale! Ask for Todd or Darien and let's get started today.
    Exede has three high speed internet packages to choose from:
 Price Per Month:
 Download Speed:
 Upload Speed:
 Up to 12 Mbps!
 Up to 3 Mbps!
 10 GB download 
 Up to 12 Mbps!
 Up to 3 Mbps!
 18 GB download 
 Up to 12 Mbps!
 Up to 3 Mbps!
30 GB download
- To get a better idea of what the speeds mean, dsl internet is typically around 1-3 Mbps download speed and 1/2 Mbps upload. Exede's Value Package has the same speed as the faster cable internet packages!           - Exede does have a $9.99 monthly lease fee on top of the prices listed above. 
- The thresholds listed are limits to how much one may download or upload during each 30 day period. Once the threshold has been reached, speeds may be reduced until the next period. These thresholds typically   affect less than 3% of all WildBlue's customers - most people never get even close to the monthly thresholds.
- If you find you need a larger threshold or more data usage just call at any time to upgrade your package. You can change packages whenever you want by calling 1.866.905.6768 or 1.866.945.3258

    If you need  more details call our phone number locally (903) 533-0078. Or  if you'd rather see us in person, come visit us at 1801 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, TX, 75701 across from Bill Day Tire next to Exxon.