DirecTV Satellite TV

    DirecTV is a satellite TV service that we sell, install, and service. Right now they have some great deals going on. Here is what you need to know to get DirecTV for your home:
    Right now, we can get you set up with DirecTV with no installation charge! All you need to get set up with DirecTV is a valid credit card and a social security number in order to pass a credit check, and you must agree to keep DirecTV for two years. So long as you can do that, we can get you installed within about two days at no charge. Also, you should choose a monthly channel package:
    DirecTV has four channel packages to choose from: 
 Package:  Description:  w/ 1st Year Rebate Price:  Regular Price (before rebates):
 CHOICE  over 175 channels with HD locals  $60.00/mo.  $111.00/mo.
 XTRA  Over 220 channels with HD locals  $70.00/mo.  $118.00/mo.
  ULTIMATE  Over 240 channels with HD locals  $75.00/mo.  $128.00/mo.

 Over 315 channels with HD locals
Includes 31 premium movie channels!

 $125.00/mo.  $181.00/mo.
     To calculate your total cost remember to add $6.50 for EACH tv, and if you choose to get the Genie Whole Home system add $25 per month.
Limited time offer: $$$ off for first year!
For new customers, DirecTV has a rebate going right now for one year. If you are a new customer to DirecTV, your price will be cheaper for one year. Remember this is a 24 month contract! Check the table above for the regular prices after commitment.
- These prices are for programming only. For every TV (up to four total), add $6.50 a month per TV. (3 tv = $19.50 If you want a Genie there is a $25 advanced receiver fee per month.
- You can add the  DVR  (digital video recorder) or Genie system for $25 extra a month. This allows you to pause live TV, rewind, and record your favorite shows on up to 5 tuners!
- You can add HD channels for $10 extra a month. View your HD TV like it was meant to be viewed - in full 1080p resolution!
- Premium movie channels such as HBO and Starz are also available at extra costs - call us for details if you are interested!
- Spanish channels are also available. Call or drop by for details!
- You can change your programming packages at any time during the month by calling DirecTV as long as you keep a minimum programming package.
    Call us today to get set up or for more details. Our phone number is (903) 533-0078. Or, if you'd rather see us in person, come visit us at 1801 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, TX, 75701.