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Welcome to the Chapman lab, within the Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology, at Indiana University Bloomington.
Our lab is primarily interested in research regarding:
  • Performance based studies, particularly those involving endurance athletes
  • Effects of acute altitude and chronic altitude (i.e. altitude training) on exercise performance
  • Effects of hypoxia on performance and physiological function
  • Respiratory / pulmonary physiology of exercise
  • Near infrared spectroscopy as a measure of microcirculatory oxygen flux
  • Exercise induced arterial hypoxemia
  • Analytics of sport performance and relationship to physiological variables
For an example of the list of studies done by our lab, click here to see Dr. Chapman's CV.
New Graduate Student Information
We are always looking for bright, motivated, talented graduate students to join our lab.  Below is general information about our graduate programs:

It is strongly advised that if you are interested in applying that you contact a faculty member (or members) within our department to determine if there is a match in interests.  A visit to campus to see our lab, meet with faculty, and interact with graduate students is advised (but not required).  Contact information for exercise physiology faculty::
Dr. Robert Chapman (rfchapma@indiana.edu)   Dr. Timothy Mickleborough (tmickleb@indiana.edu)   (Dr. Joel Stager has recently retired)
For the PhD program, slots are very limited and are dependent on a) availability of funding (we do not typically accept PhD students without having funding support available for them), and b) the ability of a mentor to take you on as a student.  For the MS program, note that most of our funding goes to support PhD students, but on rare occasion, there is funding available to support MS students.  Funding application is included with the overall admissions application materials.