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This blog covers timely stories of interest to many of you, covered by news veteran Robin Chapman. She has a Masters Degree in Journalism from UCLA and has been a professional reporter all her life: you can rely on her to check her facts. As a pro, she will also share her opinions with you on many of the subjects she covers. You should feel free to take the measure of these opinions just as you should analyze her facts and send her your comments. She also loves travel, film, and other feature stories and you can expect those on this blog as well.

Robin covered the nation's capital for nearly a decade as a reporter at the ABC-TV affiliate in Washington D.C., so she's familiar with the halls of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House. She has reviewed movies, written four books of regional travel and history, won a history research grant, and interviewed a number of celebrities, so she will be writing about these and her many other interests. She'll be covering crime, interviewing the famous and the infamous, catching the latest controversial film and catching you up on the latest hot read.

Finally, as a child who in recent years walked with her elderly parents on their final journey, she will sometimes write about these challenges too. Her beloved father died in 2010 at the age of 90.  


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  Above: Robin interviewing Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va) on Capitol Hill.    Robin and actor John Forsythe on an outdoor shoot for the TV show "Dynasty". 


            Covering the Gulf War, in Kuwait.                                            On the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.                                            Sledding in Denver with niece. Mary, Christmas 2011.