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How Do I Unblock A Drain ?

At Chapelgate we realise that the cost of calling out a plumber or drain engineer in the Wirral or Liverpool area can have a massive impact on the monthly family household budget so we have issued a free guide on unblocking an outside drain

Tools you will need to attempt unblocking your drain:

  • Hosepipe
  • A long pair of rubber gloves
  • A set of drain rods with 100mm rubber plunger
  • Bleach or some kind of disinfectant

1. Locate The Blockage

You will need to find the manhole cover so you can inspect the chamber so once you have located manhole cover you need to lift it up using an object with a good strong edge such as a pry bar or shovel to raise the edge or cover up enough so you can get a firm grip with your gloved hands and lift cover clear of manhole. So you have now lifted the manhole cover and need to inspect to see if the manhole is holding sewage as if you find it is, that is usually an sign the drain blockage is further down the line heading towards the main sewer in the street, but if the manhole is found to be clear of sewage then the blockage will be further up the line towards the property or source of foul water.

2.Removing The Blockage From Drain

So we have located the blockage and now we are ready to wage war on it,so what do we need to do next you may be thinking,well it won't be pretty or the most prestige job you have ever had but without a doubt it will be a satisfying job once the blocked drain has been cleared, now  its time to get down to the action, so you will need to insert the drain rods fitted with the plunger into the drain,so if the manhole is full of sewage you need to try and insert rods into drain pipe that heads out to the main street sewer which can be difficult as you need to locate pipe outlet through the sewage but just keep feeling with the end of drain rod in till you find the outlet,but if the manhole is empty then you need to insert the drain rods in the direction of you property which is not difficult as the outlet can easily be seen.

3.Inserting The Drain Rod Up The Pipe

As you insert more of the drain rods into the blocked pipe you will need to keep adding to the drain rods in till you make contact with the blockage, but it is very important to remember that when pushing the rods up the drain pipe you only turn the drain rods clockwise as you push them further towards the blockage in drain pipe because if you were to turn them in a counter clockwise direction they will be likely to unscrew and cause a major blockage as they become stuck in drain.The best method to use to clear drain blockage is to keep pushing on blockage then pulling back until the blockage becomes free of the drain but if you find blockage is too tightly packed then you need to add the corkscrew attachment to drain rods to pick at the drain blockage so it becomes dislodged and clears the blocked drain.

4.Flushing The Pipe Clean

A good method of making sure all the solids are cleared down the drain you need to flush pipes clean this works best when you fill your bath up and empty it whilst flushing your toilet at the same time creating a torrent of water that will flush pipes clean.

5.The Clean Up

Using the hose pipe rinse off any solids from the gloves and drain rods, then using a form of disinfectant soak gloves and drain rods to sterilise items and then hose them off, if there is also sewage around manhole clean up solids then hose down and disinfect to finish off job.

Well done you have now cleared your first drain blockage so why not celebrate with a nice shower.

6.Making Sure Drain Blockage Was A One Off

If there is a persistent problem with your drains then they will need to be inspected with drain CCTV equipment to determine cause of blockage and assign the pipes a grade.So if you do find you are unable to clear the drain blockage or would just like some professional advice and live in the Wirral or Liverpool area then Chapelgate is always happy to assist with any plumbing or drainage emergency, have a look at the page at our page of Local Areas Covered to see if we can assist you in your area with your drainage problem.

How Much Does It Cost To Unblock Or Clean A Drain In Wirral Liverpool Or Cheshire?

posted 8 Jun 2015, 14:34 by Andrew Cartwright   [ updated 8 Jun 2015, 14:56 ]

You can search and search drain cleaning companies websites but its rare that you will fin a price list or price menu for drain cleaning or unblocking at Chapelgate webelieve that having a drain cleaned or unblocked in the Wirral, Liverpool or Cheshire areas shouldn't be an expensive job and although we don't like to use the phrase cheap drain unblocking, cheap drain cleaning, cheap drain clearance we do feel we offer sensible prices for our drain cleaning services in Wirral Liverpool and Cheshire and also offer competitive cost for drain CCTV and drain repairs.If we are called to unblock a drain we will only ever charge £60-£65 with no added VAT no matter how long the job takes yes that is correct we will never charge more than £65 to clear a blocked or clogged drain so you know when you call Chapelgate to clear your Wirral Liverpool or Cheshire blocked or clogged drains that you will never be charged more than £60-£65 pounds and there will never be any added Vat or call out charges to pay, so don't delay call us today
 0151 230 8476

Is The Average Toilet Seat Cleaner Than Your Work Top?

posted 31 May 2015, 02:55 by Andrew Cartwright

More likely than not you have heard it said at one time or another that your toilet seat is cleaner than the kitchen work surface, your local Wirral, Liverpool and Chester base drain cleaning business.
Chapelgate set out to investigate.

Most of us would just assume that the toilet seat is the dirtiest surface in a household but we have found that this is not the case, scientists have investigated by swabbing household items and measuring how many bacteria there are on items and also how many develop in the lab.

The scientists looked particularly for faecal bacteria such as E.coli and staphylococcus aureus, the studies found that on most toilet seats there were around 50 bacteria per inch.

This translated to everyday language means that toilet seats actually comes out with a high standard of cleanliness and are one of the cleanest surfaces in your home.

So what is more dirtier than my toilet seat I hear you say? Shockingly the item we should be worried about is the chopping board as it was found that there is on average around 200 more times faecal bacteria on the average chopping board than was found on a toilet seat.

Don't worry this does not mean that there is a member of the household taking a secret poo on the chopping board as the faecal bacteria is from raw meat or from the inside of the animal.

Should I start chopping my vegetables on the toilet seat you may be thinking? Technically speaking it would be the safer option but a more sensible approach is to treat our chopping boards like our toilet seats and clean them in the same way and with as much persistence.

But it gets worse the most filthy germ  infested item in our households is the kitchen sponge which is a staggering 200,000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat.

This story was published by your local Wirral, Cheshire and Liverpool drain unblocking company.

Is it true we are never more than 6ft from a rat?

posted 23 May 2015, 09:09 by Andrew Cartwright   [ updated 23 May 2015, 09:11 ]

Most of us have heard the saying your never more than 6ft away from a furry critter know as the rat, so your local Wirral and Liverpool based drain cleaning company Chapelgate will explain if this is fact or just more folk law deliberately said to get a reaction. As with most of the famous eye brow raising facts we hear every now and again throughout our lives it is never clear cut were they come from, some experts in say it comes from the former Ministry of Agriculture as they were responsible for promoting hygiene in homes across Wirral, Liverpool and the whole of the UK .This saying has also been closely attributed to the common saying that rats outnumber humans which has been circulating for over 100 years.The saying most likely comes from a book you have never heard of nor would ever likely read called The Rat Problem by WR Bolster and in this book he make an estimated guess about the rat population and comes to a conclusion that there is one rat for every person. To be honest rats are pretty rare in homes with less than half a percent being affected but around 3 percent of homes have rats outside and commercial premises have around 5 percent the same as our sewers and drains that most people associate with rats.Taking all the facts in consideration it is not true to say we are never more than 6ft way from a rat it is more accurate to say you are never more than 164ft way from a rat.

Amazing Finds In New York City Sewer

posted 9 May 2015, 14:12 by Andrew Cartwright   [ updated 9 May 2015, 14:39 ]

If you were to pay a visit to Manhattan's grit chamber the destination of many strange items that are washed from the city gutters and sewers on a daily basis,you would be shocked at some of the items found these finds range from the common items such as rags, paper towels, metro cards, dental floss and dead rats, money and lots of children toys as they seem to love flushing there toys down the toilet, there are a lot of fish and turtles. Once even a canoe found it way in, there have been mattresses, dead animals and even a live dog once.The sewers are sometimes responsible for killing humans mainly homeless folk who venture down in search of money and jewellery and then without any warning the gas will render them unconscious and they die down there and get washed into the grit box.

What you never knew about Roman Sewers

posted 6 May 2015, 13:14 by Andrew Cartwright   [ updated 6 May 2015, 13:20 ]

Not many people in Wirral or Liverpool even give it a second thought as they all busily go about their daily lives, but there is no hiding the fact we owe many of the conveniences of our every day lives to the great Romans as they were one of the first great civilizations to set the standard for our modern day disease free towns an cities by designing and building an impressive network of sewers and aqueducts that made massive strides in tackling dysentery caused by drinking water contaminated with poop.

What did they do to fix the problem?

Built aqueducts to bring in fresh clean water from outside the towns.

Built public toilets called latrines.

Constructed networks of sewage pipes to take sewage to the river.

So next time you flush that toilet spare a thought for the great Romans.

Has anyone in Wirral got a gold plated toilet?

posted 4 May 2015, 11:09 by Andrew Cartwright   [ updated 4 May 2015, 11:25 ]

No? It probably won't come as much of a surprise that Kanye West has spent the ridiculous sum of £350k on four for his new belt Air mansion, there is one thing being ridiculously rich and living a life of luxury but does the guy not have any grasp of the real world, so many ways that money could of changed lives, don't get me wrong its his money but buying not one but four gold played toilets,it just sums up the complete lack of understanding some of the rich and famous have of living a normal life.

Chapelgates Wirral Wordpress Blog is online

posted 3 May 2015, 07:15 by Andrew Cartwright   [ updated 3 May 2015, 07:17 ]

Did you know we have a blog on wordpress.com our address is chaplegate.wordpress.com why not check it out we have all sorts of posts on drain facts and history.

One Reason why so many drains get blocked in Wirral and Liverpool

posted 3 May 2015, 07:02 by Andrew Cartwright   [ updated 3 May 2015, 07:48 ]

It is a well documented fact that most homes in Wirral and Liverpool pours oils grease and fat down the plug hole with each household disposing of an average of 14lbs of fat every year, if you add all that weight up it is around 2.9 million stone for the Northwest region alone that's the weight of 243,000 adults.

You may wonder were all this fat comes from? Its no secret were a nation of fryers and on average have three fried meals a week.

Utilities company's are spending more and more time clearing these huge fat blockages and are urging us all to think before we fry.

What do you do with your waste oil?

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