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'Chaplains at war' is predominantly dedicated to those ordained men of peace and faith who went unarmed to war. 

I will never personally match their courage or dedication, but I would like their faith and achievements in the face of extreme adversity and inhumanity to man to be remembered, and to inspire others. 'Lest we forget!'


This site is meant to be a shared educational and informative resource. Please do feel welcome to add the stories of those chaplains you know of, or if you are a serving or retired chaplain, please do share your own experiences.
Purpose of this page:
This page relates to the US army chaplains WW2 and is really just here to get you interested, but I'd certainly be glad if you contacted me with additional material about the work of chaplains from other countries.  Other pages will be added as they become available.  Please do contact me if you have information and/or images that you would like to add to this web site.