The Chapin Chronicle 2011-2012 Volume 11

Welcome to the 2013-2104 PDF's of our print issues, The Chapin Chronicle

    a) Homecoming Poster, October 2013
    b) Volume 13, Issue 1 October 2013

Welcome to 2012-2013 PDF's of our print issues, The Chapin Chronicle

Welcome to the 2011-2012 PDF's of our print issues, The Chapin Chronicle

             Volume 11, Issue 4 January/February 2012

             Volume 11, Issue 3 December, Main Issue
Volume 11 Issue 3 December Special Insert

             Volume 11, Issue 2  October/November

            Volume 11, Issue 1: Homecoming Preview (September, 2011)

Welcome to the PDF version of The Chapin Chronicle, print editions for the 2010-2011 school year.

                        Blueprint/Chronicle Yearbook Supplement Magazine

                        Volume 10, Issue 1
                        Volume 10 Issue 2

                        Volume 10 Issue 3    This issue was posted online to the

                        Volume 10 Issue 4

                        Volume 10 Issue 5

                        Volume 10 Issue 6

     Previous Issues:   Chapin Chronicle 20009-2010 Volume 9                 
                        Volume 9 Issue 1 

                        Volume 9 Issue 4 (January/February)
                        Volume 9 Issue 5 (March/April)
The PDF versions of our print newspaper are listed as attachments below.

                         Volume 9 Issue 6:  Senior Issue

2010 Literary Magazine:  

This year the staff revised the literary magazine to create a new issue titled Vantage Point.  This year's theme is "Through the Learning Glass" and consists of photos and digital illustrations based on the students' point of view . . i.e. their vantage points as high school photographers and students. The issue printed as a small run and also will run here on the internet.  

2010 Journalism I Zine's

This year journalism I students created electronic (and print format) zines based on local, national, or international interests.  

Samples are attached below.

Kara Luciano:  Third World Country Issues

Students will also be working with in the fall. Click on

Reporters will be posting regularly to the online sites as well as continuing their print versions of the Chronicle.  

We look forward to working with new ways to learning about creating a public forum and reporting stories and ideas around us.

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