Many thanks to our 2015 Tiger CHill Sponsors! 
Our Sponsors generously allowed us to purchase the food we sold and the game supplies we needed to make this year's Tiger CHill a success.  Look for these folks around town and frequent their places of business; they did a lot for CHHS and we are grateful for their support. 

Please click on the logos below to visit our Sponsors' websites,
learn more about who they are and how you can support them!

Black & Gold Level Sponsors


  My parents are amazing people. Whether its
  working at home or in the office they both
  show pride and skills on the job. My whole life
  I have been exposed to what it is like to work
  as a Real Estate Agent and now, seeing how
  challenging it can be, I am very proud of them.
  I was always unsure of what I was going to be
  when I grow up. Looking up to their great
  example, I have started to talk about being a
  Real Estate Agent just like my parents,
  following in their footsteps.
  - Kyle McCormick, from the Testimonials Page


The Princeton Review

  For 30 years, The Princeton Review has been
  the destination for college and grad bound
  students to make their dreams a reality. Last
  year alone, we helped more than 3.5 million
  students get into a great college or grad
  school. How do we do it? Online and in-person
  tutoring and test prep from top-notch
  educators as well as more than 150 books that
  provide test prep help to college admissions


  White Space: Creative Communications is a
  full-service design firm that works with your
  business to creatively promote your product,
  service or event. Whether you’re looking for
  an overall shift in your brand image, a website
  re-design, a simple promotional package or an
  event that wows your clients, White Space has
  the tools and the talent to help you succeed.

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