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Biodiversity- Adaptations

The definition of biodiversity is the number and variety of different organisms found within a specific geographic region.  When something has a high biodiversity that means there are many different species of organisms that are living there. When there is a low biodiversity that means there are not a very big variety of organisms in that area.  The chaparral biome does not have a very high biodiversity because many plants could not survive the temperature and dryness of this desert-like biome. This is a main reason that there a very few trees in this biome.  

Some of the plants in the chaparral have  these hard thin leaves that are like needles to help them from losing water. There are even some kinds of plants that are fire resistant.  Most of the animals in the chaparral are burrowing animals as well as nocturnal. Some other animals like mice and lizard make a partially solid urine so they don’t get rid of as much water. Some animals also go into something called estivation which is pretty much the same as hibernation except instead of sleeping to avoid the cold, they sleep to avoid the heat.